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He who gets wisdom loves his own soul, he who cherishes understanding prospers.

Proverbs 19:8

A Friend

A true friend is something hard to find

Someone always there who is true and kind

Through good times and bad

Whether either of us is happy or sad

I always know I can count on you

Knowing that in someway

You will know what to do

We may not always see eye to eye

Our understanding shows we try

All the times we spend talking and sharing

I can tell you anything

Because you are so caring

We may not spend as much time

As we used to

At times life is crazy

We have so much to do

I always know in the end

You will be there

Always a special place on my heart

That is where

So keep in mind

No matter what will be

You will always be a special person to me.

Lisa Ann Johansen

Man In The Glass

When you get what you want in your struggle for self and the world makes you king for a day; Just go to the mirror and look at yourself and see what that man has to say.

For it isn’t your father, or mother, or wife, whose judgment upon you must pass; The fellow whose verdict counts most in your life is the one staring back from the glass.

He’s the fellow to please-never mind all the rest, for he is with you clear to the end; And you have passed your most difficult dangerous test, if the man in the glass is your friend.

You may fool the whole world down the pathway of year’s and get pats on the back as you pass; But your final reward will be heartache and tears, if you’ve cheated the Man In The Glass.

-Peter Dale Wimbrow Sr.

Prayer of Faith

God is my help in every need.

God does my every hunger feed.

God walks beside me, guides my way,

In every moment of this day.

I now am wise. I now am true.

Patient, kind, loving too.

All things I am, can do, or be

Through Christ the Truth that is in me.

God is my health, I can’t be sick.

God is my strength, unfailing quick.

God is my all.

I know no fear

Since God,

Love and truth are here.

Jack Boland

Psalm 23 Japanese Version

The Lord is my pace setter, I shall not rush;

He makes me stop and rest for quiet intervals.

He provides me with images of stillness, which restore my serenity.

He leads me in the ways of efficiency through calmness of mind,

And His guidance is peace.

Even though I have a great many things to accomplish each day,

I will not fret, for His presence is here,

His all importance, will keep me in balance,

He prepares refreshments and renewal in the midst of my activity

By anointing my mind with His oils of tranquility.

My cup of joyous energy overflows,

Surely harmony and effectiveness shall be the fruit of my hours, for I shall walk in the pace of my Lord and dwell in His house forever.

-Toki Miyrshina

Serenity Prayer

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time, enjoying one moment at a time, taking as He did this sinful world as it is not as I would have it. Trusting that you will make all things right if I surrender to Tht will, so that I may be reasonably happy in this life, and supremely in joy with you forever in the next.

The Gift List

Give a gift of laughter,

Give a gift of song,

Give a gift of sympathy to last a whole life long.

Give a cheerful message,

Give a helping hand,

Tell your sorry neighbor that you understand,

Give a newsy letter to a far-off friend;

Give a garden flower with the book you lend.

Wash the supper dishes,

Help to dust the room;

Give a smile to leaven someone’s hour of gloom,

Give a gift of sharing,

Give a gift of hope;

Light faith’s gleaming candle for the one’s who grope slowly the shadows.

Sweeten dreary days for the lost and lonely,

Give yourself, ALWAYS!

by Margaret E. Dangster

Saint Francis Prayer

Lord, make me a channel for thy peace—that where there is hatred, I may bring love—that where there is wrong, I may bring the spirit of forgiveness—that where there is discord, I may bring harmony—that where there is error, I may bring truth—that where there is doubt, I may bring faith—that where there is despair, I may bring hope—that where there are shadows, I may bring light—that where there is sadness, I may bring joy. Lord, grant that I may seek rather to comfort than to be comforted—to understand, than to be understood—to love, than to be loved. For it is by self-forgetting that one finds. It is by forgiving that one is forgiven. It is by dying that one awakens to Eternal Life. Amen.


When you look to God my friend

Deep within your own I am

Anything your heart desires

Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream

If your feeling is in your imaging

No request is too extreme

He will fill your every need

I know it’s true

God is kind

He brings to those The Who love the sweet fulfillment

Of there secret longings

Like a bolt out of the blue

God steps in and sees you through

When you image the God within

It all comes true

And that’s the way it really is.

—Jack Boland

“O POWERFUL GOODNESS, I ask for LOVE, peace of mind, Your presence in my heart, forgiveness, good health, joy, prosperity, wisdom, healthy relationships, tolerance, understanding and acceptance. Please direct my thinking divorced from self-pity, dishonesty and self-seeking motives.”

Thank you Almighty, Amen


Almighty and most merciful Father

We humbly beseech Thee of Thy great goodness.

Harken to us who live with the knowledge

To admire our fellow man

And be of good character and substance

Behave in honest ways that enrich lives

Allow us to be grateful for our blessings

Which include health and well being

Let us see the light that is illuminating

From our souls

Awaken us to wisdom

To live harmoniously

With all living creatures

We respect life and death

And exercise faith

Guide me Lord…

Martin Santos

Heaven Help Us

The tongue has the power of life and death and those who love it will eat its fruit.

Proverbs 18:21