Honored Cat Angels Mission

A Veterinarians for Veterans blog project serving a new humanity for people and cats.

Building a connected open source writers, veterinarian and U.S Veterans ecosystem commemorating Feline Memorial Bereavement.

The mission of building an organization that helps veterans continue service by serving as guardians and caring for senior cats.

The aim is to build a sustaining Vets for Vets foundation focusing in senior cat rescue and placement with U.S. Veterans, while covering all costs of these animals for life as long as the veteran agrees to give them a last great home.

The foundation will rescue and place more than 130 senior cats currently living out their last days with a loving veteran family.

Honored Cat Foundation would run and operate out of Camp Forest Grove and Sherwood, which serves as a temporary base for senior shelter cats to spend their twilight years /days while looking for a final home.

To support additional funding we will partner with Genuine Recovery Education Services in supporting book recovery, literature issuance, and wellness skill training for advancement in sobriety and trauma informed care for able and disabled veterans.

By creating an ecosystem of veterinarians, the open source network will educate and put in place funding with crypto currency, private partnership and government funding.


An alliance with Disabled American Veterans and Wounded Warriors Project can create a social network which can expand and reach veterinarians and veterans nation wide.

Under the American Dream Plan we ambitiously intend in five years to be the model Vet 4 Vet senior feline placement and sobriety education center in the Pacific Northwest.


Martin Santos II

Character Profile 

Martin is on a path of RELATIONSHIPS, freedom, acceptance and trust, all guided by faith

He has a balanced relationship with time and respects time well. He possesses the unique ability to abstractly re-present ideas, then maneuver the abstraction to communicate with clarity. 

He’s transparent. Lucid. Highly acute. Intuitive. Spiritual. Stable minded. Multifaceted. Rational. Reasonable. Educated. Devoted. Contemplative. Committed.

An intellectual, spatial thinker. Works best alone or small groups. Gravitates to help people who need help. Focused on what’s right, real and true. Empathetic, yet very little sympathy for prolonged voluntary victim mentality. MBTI: INFJ.

I, Martin Santos can bring talent, intelligence, character and passion in meeting your bereavement needs.

I strive in being; Integrity, dependable, honest, enthusiastic, motivated, compassionate, humble, kind, committed, humorous , creative, open minded, ethical, loyal, positive mental attitude, interested, hard-working, self- directed, goal setter, self-reliant, respect people, love animals, prompt, communicative, caring, responsible.