Ballroom Betty

Your own positive future begins in this moment. All you have is right now. Every goal is possible from here.


Lao Tzu
Betsy’s 2022 Catography

Use the power of God near you to overcome all the challenges and problems you face in your life. When something is not working in your life, try changing the way you are doing it.

Learning to appreciate the present affords you the opportunity in the future to not feel regret. The feelings of guilt and remorse stem from a belief justified or not, that we did not do what we could have done with the information available to us.

Recognize that living in the present sets intention for future events, emotions and attitudes.

Live in the middle and recognize that cat spirit within to see above the pain and persevere confidently with faith to a new day to come. Time passes. Healing takes time.

In the river of tomorrow, the throne of God resides before the beginning and end. Exercise faith and belief to move ahead.

Ballroom Betty has the qualities of fun, curiosity, playfulness and wit which can meet most obstacles. So do you!