Believe Beyond Belief

The universe is ruled by Mind. Whether it be the mind of a mathematician, or of an artist, or of a poet, or all of them and more. It is the one reality which gives meaning to existence. Enriches our daily task. Encourages our hope. Energizes us with faith and feeling wherever knowledge fails; and illuminates the whole universe with immortal love. — Sir Oliver Lodge


Thinking about fear only breeds doubt and inaction. Faithful action with courage and confidence conquers fear. Feel it and do it anyway.

Knowing oneself comes from a genuine compassionate curiosity to what is happening within yourself.

To grow, you must choose it again and again. To overcome fear you must act again and again.

Do not speak all you know or judge all that you see. Only then can you live with peace and ease.

“To gain an insight into your capacity for good you must have a well developed insight into your capacity for evil.” Dr. Jordan Peterson

Why the pain not why the addiction. Alcohol is a deadly symptom masking the pain.

Guilt is looking to the past and anxiety is looking to the future, yet I can only act in the present.

“The present moment is where your life is. Start from here.” Brian Tracy

Unexpressed emotions never die. They are buried alive and spring forth later in ugly ways.

By escaping vulnerability, I lose my full capacity for feeling emotional.

One of my greatest gifts is to forgive myself. Next, Forgive everyone else.

Believe beyond belief.


Martin S. II.

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