The Rising Message

True prophets speak to awaken and rise the spirit of others. Their vantage point appealingly distant, still elevates our minds with their powerful words of truth to heal us in the present.

Often they have experienced the spiritual battles and developed mastery through adversity by overcoming them gracefully. They share not to convert or persuade, rather to teach those who have ears to hear to follow the path. Your path.

If you listen closely, God speaks through them to channel our focus back to Him. He is closer than breath and His circle is everywhere, with His circumference nowhere.

The door to the soul opens inward. Intuitive empaths welcome these forces, energy and vibrations acceptably to elevate the collective conscious within. As within so without.

To rise (in spirit or consciousness) one must understand what it means to fall. This contrast is essential to view a new perspective. This is essential for change. Isn’t this one of the prophets common message?

If we are to rise to the calling of the whispering wind, we must not be timid or ashamed in listening compassionately to the voices inside and outside.

The river of abundance can rise if we keep in perspective the low tides of lack. This balance is necessary for equanimity of mind.

Knowledge is not wisdom. Information is knowledge. Wisdom is found in listening to the still voice within. Discernment is a quieting attribute partnering powerfully with wisdom.

Action is needed to rise and yet non-action is also an action. This is a nuance for the transfiguration of discernment.

Silence gives us space to grow. This is an everlasting gift given to us by the prophet. The power to persuade and influence elevates us to rise in thought and rediscover the confidence to believe in ourselves.

Embody the energy or words of the prophets to rise in abundance mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Only then will the riches be magnetized towards you.

Contemplate on these suggestions. Rise to the music of the prophet.


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