Alone On A Hill

After the exhausting climb, we reach the safety of the plateau where the panoramic view lifts our spirits in a sigh of exhilaration.

We made it.

The small steps forward were worth the price in effort. How long shall we stay? Are the snapshot of vistas impressionable enough to last a lifetime?

How often do we come to our “top” only seeking a higher ground to view the same landscape?

Would it be fruitful to accept our place with the faith that future steps will eventually lead us higher? Ideally, yes and factually, we are always evolving into new spaces with elevated conscious; only if we are honest, open and willing to pursue a truth beyond our present limitations or plateau.

The challenge is not necessarily rising higher, rather accepting an awareness that understanding is fluid and in flux. This is man’s dilemma.

There are constant absolute truths or laws governing our world and universe not made by man. This absolute has various names associated with this power, frequency, vibration and energy. Interestingly, man has drifted often from this source of strength, vitality and Power.

Perhaps in our quest to rise higher and meet this vista of consciousness, we fail to recognize that it has and always been within us.

From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, this Power has been sustaining us the whole time. Maybe, it’s important to climb and be alone on top of the hill?

We are never alone with the almighty Power and source of all creation flowing through us.

This recognition or understanding is constant and not in flux. It is the absolute!

Enjoy the determined climb and recognize that the impressions we experience are everlasting and carry forward into eternity as your personal individual expression.

You are not alone at the top even if you feel lonely there. The choice of this unique relationship with the absolute is within you always.


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