Rise Above The World

Rise Above The World

Everyone has a song. God gives us each a song. That’s how we know who we are. Song tells us who we are. –Charlie Knight, UTE

The universe is ruled by Mind. Whether it be the mind of a mathematician, or of an artist, or of a poet, or all of them and more. It is the one reality which gives meaning to existence. Enriches our daily task. Encourages our hope. Energizes us with faith and feeling wherever knowledge fails; and illuminates the whole universe with immortal love.

Sir Oliver lodge

This is a universe of love and it loves itself.

Why are we falling in love?  

Gravity is a fundamental physical force that is responsible for interactions which occur because of mass between particles.

Love is an element which cannot be broken into other substances and is the composition of the physical universe.

Are we surrendering to another in desperation of revealing our true nature? Or, are we seeking someone to save us from ourself? 

We are the channel for Love to flow through for life.

Love is the dominant feeling or movement of life. Love is the activity of spirit. In truth, the word love is not encapsulated in the language of the three dimensional world. 

It is the attribute of God seeking expression through all persons—to and for all persons and all life.

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.

2 Timothy 1:7 NIV

It seems that falling requires faith that something at the bottom will catch your fall.  Perhaps, beside the physical and biological reasons of procreation, we fall in love for the energy that it produces in us. 

If we understand that love is not an emotion that we are generating, rather a power where we create the inner space within to allow it to flow through in our actions, we find the creative power. This is Rising Above the World.

Love lives. 

Love, loves you. 

Forgiveness and kindness are the electricity or currents it can produce inside. Rising in Love is the majestic splendor of life expressing for all life.

Love is the feeling that the Creator has for all creation.

Many times people fall out of love. The action or energy has dissipated, dissolved, or is not being channeled and harnessed as it was in the beginning.  This is due to us, not love.

Perhaps we misjudged the ‘personalities’ definition of “love” which possesses, keeps tabs on others, or worst—creates the insanity of emotions of jealousy, greed or control.

Our individuality is where this power is sparked and allowed to channel.

I use the term Rise To Love because it gives me the opportunity to make action into the direction or realm of relationship that not only benefits my growth and soul evolution, but it encourages me to view life relationships or my partner as mutual and equal part of the equation.

We can rise together to uplift, support, nurture, care and share the pain and traumas that life presents with a trusted friend.

Love is a cooperative partnership of give and receive. What you sow, you reap. If you neglect the practices that made things work in the beginning and failed to cultivate them, in time the person moves but the power is still there.

Love is the releasing power. It will heal you of anything that needs to go. It knows what needs to go.

Unconditional love is rarely seen in our falling because maybe we are grasping for something or someone else to cling too in order to save our false self.  Do you have a loving relationship with yourself? Do you practice self-love?

The ultimate relationship in life is the one I live with myself. I’m with myself twenty fours hours a day, seven days a week.  If my relationship is not in alignment, how can I be effective in the relations I have with others? For myself, it starts with loving the source of all things.

I’m a lover of what is. 

When I awake, I give thanks and ask for guidance and direction for the day.  I know that the Power of Love or Source is running my life. There are no more decisions to make. In my life, I just wait and watch my thoughts and my decisions will be made in its own divine time; so I now let go of when, where, and how.

This practice allows my inner voice to guide me all day long to do what’s presented before me. I’m really alive when I live as simply as that—open, waiting, trusting, and loving.

Falling in love is a beautiful inner experience and must be cultivated, nurtured in an atmosphere of trust and faith to be shared with another.

Why don’t we love our fellow man as much as many of us do with our pets? Maybe, they are helpless and need our support, love and caring to survive much more? They often forgive faster than humans and don’t use many of the tactics of guilt, remorse, envy, jealousy, or greed.

Love must arise from within.  It must flow effortlessly as an ebb and flow.  Possessing this energy only makes it disappear and move somewhere else.

Love is alive. But think not that you can direct loves course, for if it finds you worthy, it will direct yours. Worthiness does not mean goodness. You will never ever  be good enough to deserve love, you cannot be. Worthiness means responding too, believing in, acknowledging – SURRENDERING.

Love is the impulse of the universe to share itself. It’s total good with every part of itself, and you are a part of itself. Love is the pulse of the universe that can literally be felt as vibration, frequency, energy.

It is the dynamically pulsating energy and yet it is a presence, intelligence that knows you.

God is love.

Love is the feminine aspect or nature of God. The nurturing, nursing, healing, comforting, beautifying, uplifting aspect of life that could never ignore you not for a moment.

Love is the music of the spheres. It is the sound of itself, the joy of itself, the vibration of its feeling in you seeking to sing its song. Not sad songs! Songs of joy, strength, peace.

Choose to Rise Above the World in the Spirit of Love. And while rising, you will have fallen as far and deep into yourself as you currently understand.

Truth is stronger than fiction, yet truth is only valid if it stands up to scrutiny.  I find joy in this process of life.  I am willing today to be vulnerable and it has given me the ability to let go and trust.  I trust in myself.  I seek to expand my fulfillment with an open mind and as a channel.

Happiness is not dependent on you liking or disagreeing with my suggestions. These suggestions have been tested in the laboratory of my life.  This is why, joy and happiness are not only cause and effect, but progress.  If I am daily making progress, I create a joy within that ripples like a stone cast into the pond. 

Joy is expansive. I can be free in thought with an open mind and willingness to be honest with myself.  If you decide to make this choice, maybe you can explore the joy that resides in you.  Joy is always within, just needing me to ask for it. Rising Above The World is always possible.

Create the inner space within to allow love to flow through so you don’t fall too far. Become worthy of its gifts. Be open and develop the disposition of listening.

“Good listening” involves the surrender of a self-centered view of the world; it entails the equation of trust and love that flows from that surrender. To listen, to surrender, to trust, to love: These are to be open to discovery. Spirituality flourishes in discovery, and especially in the discovery of shared story—the discovery that creates community.

The Spirituality of Imperfection



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