Submit To The Higher Source

The act of submitting creates a process in motion towards healing.

When you ask for forgiveness, “I’m sorry,” may not be sufficient in all cases.  Forgiveness of oneself is the first step.  In doing so, a climate within is generated that causes one to behave differently.  It is only then that others will recognize the change.  

It’s necessary to willingly submit to whatever spiritual discipline is necessary. Perhaps an attitude is developed in which I pray that I may accept whatever it takes to live a better life.

We must be willing to make amends to all the people we have harmed. We must do the best we can to repair the damage done in the past. This cannot always be done and it’s important not to further injure or harm others just to satisfy our own guilt.

Submitting requires great courage in humility.  With humility, you are recognizing that you do not have all the answers.  It is developing a character trait that you are willing to seek truth and forgiveness.  For oneself first, then expand to others.

In the end, if you have fooled all the world and get pats on the back as you pass, your final reward will be heartache and tears if you cheated the person staring back at you in the glass.

Until we can be honest with ourselves, only then, can we be honest with others.  Never cheat the person staring back from the glass, for in the end, all the “I’m sorry’s” will have fooled no one but yourself.

The grace of God cures disharmony and disorder in human relationships. Directly  put your affairs, confusion and difficulties into God’s hands. He begins to effect a cure of all the disharmony and disorder. 

You can believe that He will cause you no more pain in the doing of it than a physician, who plans and knows that he can effect a cure, would cause his patient. 

You can have faith that God will do all that is necessary as painlessly as possible. 

But you must be willing to submit to His treatment, even if you cannot now see the meaning or purpose of it.

And so it is.



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