Purpose Of Sorrow

Purpose of Sorrow

Without experiencing sorrow we cannot fully experience joy. We must have the contrasts of sorrow and joy to help us gain perspective; they give us a knowledge of true values and just proportions.

We cannot, by ourselves, climb to greater spiritual knowledge. We must have something which compels us to climb higher. Unless we have learned to conquer ourselves, our environment, and our experiences—we cannot win Life itself!

Sorrows give us the stimulus to reach those heights. They compel us to climb up to our utmost Ability.

The deeper our sorrows, the greater the heights we can attain if we accept them with understanding and use them.

“The soul would know no rainbow Had the eyes no tears.”

Collected by Dorothea S. Kopplin, “Something To alive By.”

Peace For Today, Kenneth Haystead; August 12, 1987



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