Moment Of Truth

Moment Of Truth

Never again is what you swore the time before. Yet in the silence where your cat once roamed, the empty home can be one of life’s most traumatic experiences. 

An absent pet can be the most lonely place in a persons soul. When you cared, the emptiness is an extreme wave of energy of emotion. 

Honored Cat Angels recognizes this helpless feeling and is here for you to discover new possibilities in the absence. In a revealing third book of a series on Pet Bereavement, Wendy Van de Poll * shares:

My Cat Has Died: What Do I Do?: Making Decisions and Healing The Trauma of Pet Loss 

‘Healing pet loss is difficult if you try and do it alone. Start with the supportive tools and compassionate guidance in this book to help you with pet bereavement, cat cancer, grief and loss, pet afterlife and more.

You just arrived home and in an instant, you realize that something is very different. Your house is quiet and there is a cold feeling of emptiness. These feelings are taking on a life of their own, and suddenly reality hits you! Your cat is not coming to greet you.

Devastated you ask yourself, “What am I going to do?” The answer to this question and the good news is that Wendy is sharing her knowledge of grief and loss, healing trauma, pet afterlife, pet heaven and more. By supporting you in the third of her pet bereavement pet loss books she offers tools and compassionate guidance. 

Her cat books are read by many to help you heal from the trauma of pet grief. Sharing helpful ways to deal with all the changes that you are going to experience after the death of your dog.

My Cat Has Died: What Do I Do? is the third book in the best-selling and award-winning Pet Bereavement Series. It deals with stages of pet grief, pet afterlife and ways to find gratitude in your heart forever. Also, ways to help you make difficult decisions and healing the trauma of pet loss.

If you are looking for pet loss books to help you with special ways to prepare for the future, having difficulty making important decisions, and you want to do something special to never forget the life you shared with your dog then this book is for you. Healing pet loss is a tender and raw feeling. Let this book help you.

When you read this book, you can then follow the actions steps at the end, you will experience something deep and forever.’ 

Thanks Wendy!


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